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Pilgrim’s Progress

A minister’s real passion flows from the things that are particularly meaningful to them. It may be healing or leadership or servant ministries or teaching. For me I think it is encouraging ordinary people to believe they are good enough … Continue reading

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Injecting another perspective

The execution of Troy Davis set the social media networks alight last week. The death penalty is always divisive because executing a citizen raises lots more questions than it answers. Should the state legally be able to kill citizens? How … Continue reading

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Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Here is a useful article about how to make every home safer:  I really don’t know what is more disturbing – the article or a website full of articles like this, produced daily. I still watch with wonder as … Continue reading

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Fossil Anthology of Poetry?

“No educated person believes the Adam and Eve myth nowadays, but it is surprising how many parents think that it is somehow fun to pass on this falsehood (and others in the same vein) to their children…perhaps they think it … Continue reading

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