St Noddy ( a Christmas morning homily)

So here it is merry Christmas
Everybody’s having fun
Look to the future now
It’s only just begun


Wise words from the great theologian Noddy Holder.   But they are true words because they describe what we celebrate this morning.  We have fun because we are full of joy.  And what we celebrate is a new beginning. 

However, like any anniversary celebration, if we don’t inhabit what we celebrate, it goes flat almost immediately it finishes.  If we don’t keep the party going, we fade back into dull lives in need of colour. Perhaps what is best is if we don’t rely just on the past event to cheer us, but what that past event makes possible in our future and makes possible right now. 

God gives us a brand new start at Christmas . Our futures are full of hope and purpose.  Christ makes us new people capable of new things. Positive things. Healing things.  Wholeness creating things. 

The other gifts that God gives us are time, money and ourselves to share with those who need us. He gives us roughly 10 square metres around us where we can make a difference. Don’t worry that you can’t stop the civil war in South Sudan. Look to see what you can do in the regional conflicts that happen around you. See how you can invest yourself locally in your neighbour. Don’t see people as sinners or saints but rather as beloved children of God. Look at them like God does and do what you think he might do with his children rather than what he might do with his enemies. 

What God also gives us is the humility to see that we too may need that healing touch from someone else. To lower our guard so others can minister to us.  To revel in the fact that Jesus does not see us as sinners but rather as followers. He waits on the path when we fall behind. He teaches us the better way to walk the path rather than telling how wrong we are getting the journey. Frankly, most sinners know they are sinners. What they desire to be told is whether there is a better way.

Be a gift this year to others. Use this great feast to fire you up to live like Jesus and shine light in all the darkness you can find. 

So here it is merry Christmas
Everybody’s having fun
Look to the future now
It’s only just begun


(editor’s note: Noddy Holder was the lead singer of Slade and their song “Merry Christmas Everybody” is an inescapable serenade to the Christmas season in Britain)




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I'm a vicar in the town of Macclesfield with a lovely wife and three kids who are a credit to me. A friend at theological college told me I was a walking theological reflection so I figured a blog was the best way to get out lots of words without tiring lots of ears. I like cycling, reading, films and just chilling out.
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